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By | October 16, 2014

Hey guys, I thought I would just share a little something with you all, I’ve had two lots of good news today.  If any of you have seen my last video testimonial for Dean Hollands iPro Partner Program, you would have heard me mention that part of my commissions from iPro where going towards some extra tuition for my kids education, in particular, my daughter’s eleven plus exams as she had showed an interest in taking the exam.  She has been working hard over the last few months taking 2 hour sessions and even a few 4 hour sessions over the school summer holidays, all at her tutors house.  Well, I am very pleased to announce, she has PASSED!!!  I am one very proud father!!!

11+ Pass

I know its only a small thing in regards to earning and spending commissions from an online business and even if you are only earning a small amount to pay off those little bills you have, I find it very satisfying knowing I have helped my daughter achieve something she wanted to do academically from something that I enjoy doing part time!


So my second bit of good news for the day was also while I was driving to work.  Almost every week in iPro, we have our mentor Dean Holland hosting a webinar, whether it be for training or new updates in the program, I always seem to miss it do to either being at work or while driving to work.  Since uploading the new Go To Webinar app to my iPhone 5s and being on 4G, the quality of the broadcast has been so much better, it rarely cuts out as much as it used to so I have started using it to listen to the webinars.  So as I’m driving away, Dean mentions that I have had another Platinum Partner sale, meaning another $1000 commission!  That is great news to hear while driving towards a 12 hour night shift!  So with the double good news I received I had smiles all the way to work, which doesn’t normally happen, lol.

If you are earning big commissions consistently, then that is fantastic, however, if you are only earning enough money in your online business to pay the phone bill, pay the services bill or even just an evening out once a month, than that is also fantastic because there are 95% to 97% of people who are in this ‘make money online’ business who are still struggling to actually make money online!

If you are reading this and are part of the 95% to 97% who wants to get involved in a program that is easy to understand, doesn’t take all your spare time to make it work and is also proven time and time again to earn people their first $$$ online, then click the banner below and I will see you on the inside!!!

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