Hanging Out with John and Sylvia

By | February 18, 2015

google hangoutHey guys,  Last night Sylvia and I got on a Google Hangout to introduce what we plan on doing in future hangouts, and if you read my email and watched the video I said I’d never done a hangout before and it could all go horribly wrong….  Well, literally minutes before we started, I had no audio, no button, click, or link could be pressed to get my audio back so in the end I had to start over and set up another one.  Then all came well as you can see by Sylvia’s excitement when she heard my voice 🙂

The hangout runs for about 25 minutes, however, if you want a quick rundown:  We introduced ourselves, gave you our backgrounds and what we want to achieve with these group hangouts, which is to help anyone who needs it.  We will send out links to join the weekly/fortnightly/monthly sessions (we haven’t yet decided) so you can jump on with your problems and ask us anything that is Internet Marketing related.  You can show us your blogs and sites where we can critique them or even just your squeeze page that might need tweeking, also, if you need any other help, we will do our best to answer them on the hangout.

[wpsocialboost_video youtube=”EP6aLe82caw”]

We hope to see you on these hangouts soon.  So look out for my emails and make sure you sign up!!  Also, as I said previously, I will be sending out various PDF training modules and training videos,  I am working on a way to deliver these to you which may well be a members area within my site, I will keep you updated on that.


If you have and questions, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below 🙂

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