Dean Holland’s iPro Partner Program

By | November 4, 2013

Introducing Dean Holland’s winning iPro Partner Program

iPro Partner ProgramAs an internet marketer, I have come across many internet marketing programs in my time. It is unfortunate that a lot of them are actually theoretical and do not deliver any tangible results. With a perception that there is easy money to be made on the internet, many people have fallen for the numerous scams being bandied around all over the internet. I personally have had my share of disappointing results, courtesy of trying some ill advised marketing programs. My turning point was when I discovered the iPro Partner Program. To give you an idea of my achievements before this life transforming program, the most I had ever made on a single day was $49 from an Amazon product I was marketing. It was an exciting day for me except I could not withdraw the money until it accumulated to $100 before they could issue a check. By now you must be curious to find out how I made my break to the point I now have had two 4 figure days! Read on to find out more.

My Experience with the iPro Partner Program

The iPro partner program is such a simple concept, it is astounding. All you have to do is simply direct traffic to a sales funnel. With the funnel ready, you are given a tracking link and any leads you ever send to the funnel are credited to your account for a lifetime. What makes the program stand out is the huge amount of resources available to you. There are numerous training videos and after you direct leads to the funnel, there is a dedicated team working to convert your prospects to sales through phone calls, webinars and emails.  You may opt to use free or paid traffic to generate your leads. With many methods for generating traffic available, I have chosen to work with solo ads. For the past six weeks I have been sending leads and getting some small sales in the process. Just when I begun to question the viability program, I received a call from none other than Dean Holland informing me that I had just clocked up my first 4 figure day! You can imagine my surprise because I was waiting for my first 3 figure day and I just jumped to a 4 figure day. The next call from Dean a few days later confirming my second 4 figure day was the confirmation that I was on to something special. Having experienced the joy of two 4 figure days, I am getting used to the idea of being a winner and I look forward to having about 4 to 5 four figure days within the next two months. I am also planning to increase my solo ad campaigns to boost my chances of success.

Why Choose the iPro Partner Program

If you have ever attempted to build an online business, you know how involving it is. You have to consider how to create you own digital product, purchase and run your own shopping cart as well as CRM system. Not forgetting you must use an email sequence on a regular basis. And the costly bit is the fact that you may have to employ staff to assist you. You may decide to go that route or simply partner on a tried and tested business model that delivers results. The reason the program is very effective is that apart from showing you how to generate and direct traffic, it actually helps you convert. You know that conversion is the most difficult part of internet marketing, the program makes it seem so easy. Once you join the program you are taken through six effective ways to generating traffic. You can decide to use one method or a combination of methods. One of the reasons the program is so successful is because of the level of support you get in case you need any assistance. By taking a few simple steps, you can be well on your way to great internet marketing success.

Another Real User Review

Whether you are new on internet marketing or have been trying out your own systems, the iPro partner program is for you. Apart from my amazing experience there are many others who have found success on the program. One of the iPro partners by the name of Jerry Handy says he has been involved in internet marketing since 2010. During that period, he has spent thousands of dollars looking for the right system to make him some money on the internet. He was on the verge of giving up when he came across the iPro Partner program. He reports that after being on the system for a few months and to his huge surprise, he made about $1,390 within a span of three days, his highest amount ever. From the information about the program to the testimonial, I am sure you have seen how easy it is to get results with this fantastic program. When you subscribe to the iPro partner program, you move from working alone to joining a team of people who are hungry for results. If you have any doubts, I am proof that this program works. Give it a try today. CLICK HERE For More Information and A Free Video From Dean Holland

17 thoughts on “Dean Holland’s iPro Partner Program

  1. peter

    what i am looking for is the dean holland webinar for big commision blueprint replay ,does anybody have a link for this pls pls thanks in advance PC pete carr

    1. John Lee Post author

      Hi Shane,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, mush appreciated!

      I was in the QSC the first time round so I have established my blog a lot since then. I hope you do the same with your blog, I’ll stop by soon 🙂

      Best regards


  2. Mike Flanagan

    Hi John,

    I just came across your blog and you’ve got some quite interesting content.

    I’ve been involved in this year’s Quick Start Challenge, which finished last night (1:30 am, UK time). Dean presented the iPro program to us and said we could join without going through the usual vetting process, as we had all shown commitment by taking action and attending the live webinars.

    To date, I have made not-a-sausage online, so I decided to start again with the QSC. I took the plunge last night and signed onto the iPro Platinum Program. Haven’t started yet, as I’ve just got up (knackered from staying up late :-).

    Anyway, I’ve just been surfing around the web looking for iPro related feedback, to assure myself that it is actually a wise investment.

    Best Regards,
    Mike Flanagan recently posted…Week 3 Challenge Done!My Profile

    1. John Lee Post author

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      In my honest humble opinion, I think you have made a wise investment. I tried for two years online to make money and failed each time, I did make some money, but nothing to write home about as I’ve mentioned before, but since being part of the iPro Partner Program, I have made my money back and some 🙂 You do have to keep plugging away like you would do with any other business, you need to put the time in to reap the rewards. My first 2 commissions from iPro were $1000 each one week apart, thats when you know you are on to a good thing!!!

      Go through all the training and start implementing the methods and after a while you will be pleasantly surprised. You have the foundations with your blog to start promoting iPro so get moving with that first.

      Best of success to you.


  3. afzal

    Hi John

    While googling Ipro reviews,I stumbled accross your blog.I just finished this Years QSE.Judging by your post,it seems that Ipro is a good thing to get involved in. After your two $1000 days,did you make any more money to date?

    1. John Lee Post author

      Hi Afzal,

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

      To answer your question, yes I have had several more $1000 dollar days all the way down to $5 dollar days with iPro, I also think the program has improved as Dean is always perfecting it.

      Best of success if you decide to join!


      The New Big Commission Blueprint Is Here!

  4. Lynda Mekalick

    Hi John
    I hope that you may be able to help me. I joined BCB a couple of days ago but not under you. I found your blog AFTER I had already signed up under some else, whom I don’t know how to contact.

    Here’s my problem. I live in New Zealand and the only times that Dean has available to do a phone interview is in the middle of my night – like 3am in the morning. The problem for me is that I’m an older woman on STRICT medication which means that there’s NO way that even the 3rd world war would wake me! I’m a total ‘gonna between 10pm and 7am!

    I am just sooooo keen to get started with the iPro Partner program! I have sent numerous support tickets to the support desk at Zen asking for a way around my problem, but I am being TOTALLY ignored! I can’t find ANYWHERE any other contact details for Dean Holland.

    While waiting for some HELP, I’ve not been sitting around wasting time! My blog is all set up and just sitting ready to go. I am SUPER motivated, and NOT a newbie. I thought that I was JUST the type of person Dean was looking for, but apparently it would seem not!

    Do you know how I can contact him? I’m just wasting TIME when I should be getting on with driving traffic – something I already know how to do!

    I’d be eternally grateful for any help you can give me on this.

    Thanks in advance
    Lynda Mekalick

    1. John Lee Post author

      Hi Lynda,

      Thank you for contacting me, I have sent you an email to one you entered to comment.

  5. Daniel Kerby

    Hi John,

    How many upsells are required after the initial 19.95 payment?

    I ask because I was involved in a similar program and the full comissions benefits were not available
    unless you “unlocked” the higher ticket products once inside.

    Kind regards,

    1. John Lee Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      I believe there are 3 or 4 upsells, however, these products only compliment the Big Commission Blueprint. One that I do highly recommend though is The Affiliate Club, this is where people have made their first ever commissions online! It includes live weekly training webinars too. Hope this helps you make a decision!

      ipro partner program
      John Lee recently posted…Want To Make Your First Dime Online?My Profile

  6. sue

    I attended most of the webinar but than the send went out on me. I saw a $1999 price and signed off as i can’t do that. Is this like some of the things out there where you have to pay for each level that you can make commissions on? (pay 200 and you make 200 $ commissions, and so on? )

    1. John Lee Post author

      Hi Sue,

      Thank you for your comment.

      There are 2 levels, you do go in on the ‘Platinum’ level, which is the $1999 and you can earn 90% commissions on the front end and 50% commissions on the backend products, however, you only receive the maximum 50% of the level you come in at so if you sold a $2k product, you do get the full $1k commission, if you sold a $5k product, you will still get a commission of $1k, if you joined at masters level, you would have got $2.5k commission.

      Hope that makes sense!?!

      All the best,

      John Lee recently posted…Want To Make Your First Dime Online?My Profile

  7. Jay

    Does anyone know if there is a way to simply promote the ipro training program as an affiliate without having to actually purchase?


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