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By | May 25, 2014

An introduction to Dean Holland’s Big Commission Blueprint

Big Commission BlueprintThe internet is full of people looking for easy money and there is no doubt that there are many channels of making money over the internet. However, just like in the offline world, few are lucky to make a lot of money.  Any cash to be made must be the result of hard work. The same rule is applicable in both online and offline ventures. If you have an interest in online marketing, you must have tried many systems with varied levels of success. Some of the programs on the internet work while some are just there to prey on people’s wish to make a quick buck. Other programs however deliver the results they promise. One such program is Dean Holland’s Big Commission Blueprint program. I have found it to be the most comprehensive guide to making money with internet marketing.  Before I came across this program, I had tried numerous other systems that were big on promises but short on delivery. When I came across the Big Commission Blueprint, I was amazed at how detailed it was. The program is available in 9 lessons that take you through from being a totally green internet marketer to a professional with the ability to make real money on the internet.  As you go through the lessons, you come across real life testimonials of people who have made it with the Big Commission Blueprint program including myself!


The lessons are arranged from the introduction stage all the way to the 9th stage that teaches you how to consolidate your business. Here is a brief look at the lessons.

Lesson 1

The lesson gives you a background on Dean Holland and what it has taken for him to become a successful internet marketer. The lesson reveals how Dean made his breakthrough and encourages you to believe you too can become a successful internet marketer. The lesson ends by asking you to list the reasons that motivate you to make money.

Lesson 2

The second lesson takes you through having the right mindset to succeed in any business. It works at building your resilience and determination to succeed. The lesson gives some very solid advice like you have to be around really successful people if you hope to succeed yourself. The lesson states that the most important factor to succed is being committed to success. Once you make a decision to start internet marketing, you should be prepared to do all it takes to succeed.

Lesson 3

The third lesson begins by showing you the only 2 ways you can make money on internet marketing. This information is important because the internet is full of all kinds of systems purporting to help you make money but you will just end up losing money. The lesson advices you to make a real investment in terms of time, money and knowledge if you hope to make any real returns. It advices you how to implement the first way of making money which is creating digital products and also the second method which is selling other people’s products. The lesson then goes ahead and introduces a revolutionary concept which is a third way of making money on the internet. It involves licensing someone else’s product and selling it as your own.

Lesson 4

The fourth lesson gets into the details of the real information you need to make money. It introduces the success matrix which is about getting traffic and converting the traffic to make sales and earn money. The lesson breaks down the success matrix to a simple formula; you need to get targeted traffic to get conversions.

Lesson 5

The lesson deals in-depth with matters of traffic. The lesson explains the difference between free traffic and paid traffic. The lesson then goes on to debunk the myth of the existence of free traffic. It explains that to get any serious traffic, there is a cost. The lesson then proceeds to detail the 5 main ways you can use to drive traffic to your site.

Lesson 6

This lesson talks about the importance of converting clients who visit your site. It details how you need to have an effective sales page and also a front-end offer that is basically a cheap offer that no one can resist. This offer is aimed at turning your traffic to paid buyers. The section also recaps all you have learnt in the previous lessons just to make sure everything is crystal clear.

Lesson 7

This lesson explains what you need to do to make money from a client that has converted. It goes on to detail how you need to have multiple products to sell to your clients. It explains how you need to price your products from the cheapest ones all the way to high value services. However, the lesson also explains that for whichever service you offer, it should give the customer a lot more value than its purchase price. The lesson the proceeds to introduce the concept of multiple marketing channels to reach the customers on a regular basis.

Lesson 8

This lesson introduces the sales path. To get the right sales path requires you have the right processes in place that will guide the customer from the traffic stage to the point they become repeat customers. This lesson talks about the sales funnel and how to ensure you sell products to the customers who are ready to buy. It also talks about having products that will meet the needs of the customers but most importantly, that is within their budget. It reveals that you should have an automated system that takes the customers from one point to the other.

Lesson 9

The lesson introduces the benefits of Dean Holland’s iPro partner program. This program is ideal for you because after you bring in the traffic, the rest of the work is done by professionals. The program has all the systems in place so you do not have a lot of work to do. Once you make the sales, you get 90% of the commission while the rest goes to bank charges. If you are serious about joining a system that actually works, this is the system for you. Using the system, you can earn anything from 2 figures to 6 figures per month on the iPro program.


Dean Holland does what no other successful internet marketer does. He gives you all the information you need to succeed.  If you have always wanted to make big commissions on the internet, here is your opportunity to do so. Best of all, the system is already in place and all you have to do is join it and start earning right away.  Just click the banner below and enter your email for more detailed information!

7 thoughts on “Dean Hollands BCB – The Big Commission Blueprint

    1. Bob Moore

      Sorry. I wanted to add more, but I accidentally hit “enter.”

      Anyway, I wanted to add that since joining less than a month ago, I’ve already gotten over 200 opt-ins and five sales. Not a ton — yet — but it’s a start.

      I’m really looking forward to getting to the next level.

      Best of luck to you in moving forward.

      To your continued success. . .
      Bob Moore recently posted…Passed the 200 Opt-Ins MarkMy Profile

      1. John Lee Post author

        Hi Bob,

        Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

        Firstly, sorry for not replying sooner as for some reason I didn’t get a notification, not the first time that’s happened either!

        I am really glad you are getting on well with the BCB and iPro, as long as you take consistent action, you will definitely see bigger results, it has happened for me and countless others, you just have to keep working at it as I’m sure you know.

        Still to date, iPro has been the only system that has consistently given me monthly commissions and with Dean always improving the funnel, things can only get better!

        To the best of success!!

        Best regards

        John Lee recently posted…ILN – The Internet Lifestyle Network!My Profile

  1. Huw Hughes

    Everyone wants money now but they are not willing to build the foundation first. I can see in the way you covered each module that Dean teaches everything from the ground up. How far are you into it?
    Huw Hughes recently posted…List Building? Why oh Why?My Profile

    1. John Lee Post author

      Hi Huw,

      Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you about people not willing to work to build the foundations of their business. To answer your question about how far I’m into it, I took the option to use Dean’s ‘Done for You’ business model, which is proving to be a success. I have been in the program for maybe 10 months now and have seen some big paydays. After seeing Dean at his Automated Income Seminar, it all now fits in place and I can now start to build my own products and funnel.

      Thank you again for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Best regards


  2. Jennifer

    I also have joined Internet Profits and I am an Affiliate member. The BCB is awesome and is jam packed with so much information. You really get a good feel for Dean Holland in these video’s . You will not be disappointed. If you want change and are serious about making money and learning about Internet Marketing…you can’t go past the banner. Click the Banner you have nothing to loose!


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