Busy Working but Still I Find Time For IM.

By | September 11, 2013

Working HardI’ve been really busy at work recently (yes, I do have a ‘normal’ job, lol) and haven’t updated my blog as much as I would like, but I have been doing the odd IM job when I’ve the chance.

I got busy on Flippa after a couple of small affiliate site that I’ve sold, so I had to sort out sending over files and pushing the domains to their new owners, I have now managed to sell 2 sites out of 4 which I thought was okay, I didn’t get a great deal but they just reached their reserve price, one sold for $50 and the other $65 they both had a Buy It Now price of $128 but I’m happy with what I got, a little extra pocket money to go towards my solo ad campaigns that im running at the moment.  I have just posted a new site for sale, a nice little ‘business in a box’ for someone, you can view it here if you want see the listing.

The next thing I will be doing tonight is sourcing some more solo ad providers and also maybe I’ll use one or two from my safe list I have been building on.  I’m still in two minds whether to start building my own list or for the time being just plough my resources into the iPro Partner funnel, probably the latter!

I have also been reading up or rather watching training videos on how to get dirt cheap Facebook ads, most of the 0.01c clicks seem to be for getting people to like niche targeted fan pages and the like but for more product/service type clicks you need to pay a little more, very interesting so far, I’m looking forward to getting some projects running myself to test the waters.

Ok, back to work for me I’m afraid.  If anyone has any questions or comments please get in touch, I think it is good to be interactive with my readers!

To our success!!



4 thoughts on “Busy Working but Still I Find Time For IM.

  1. Rod Moore

    Great update John. I remember what it was like when I had a job and was trying to create some success online around the job. I was working in Real Estate which consumed way too much time in evenings, weekends etc. I used to have a lot of excuses around time being an issue … but the best thing I did to move forward was to block out chunks of time to work on building IM business. Back then it was 5am – 7am Mon – Fri … I just blocked out time and forced myself to get to it.

    Great work with selling your sites. Can be fairly competitive on Flippa so you have done well to get them sold. Good luck with the current listing


  2. Dita

    Hi John,

    I can totally identify with you as I also am working outside of online. So I am trying to put in two full shifts (lol).

    Selling your affiliate sites on Flippa is a good move. Yeah you got some money you did not have before.

    I have been also trying the Facebook ads and I have some good successes but I am not ready to talk about it yet because I just fooling around with the ads until I’ll get a good hang of it.

    I love your image. Where did you get it? I look exactly like that except in the female version.

    Good luck with the solo ads,

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    1. john lee Post author

      Hey Dita,

      Thanks for dropping by!

      It is hard to split ourselves in two to try and get everything done, but we do seem to find those extra hours to complete our tasks.

      Flippa is doing well with another site sold for $76, more ammo for my solo ads. I’m still going through my Facebook Ads training at the moment so I haven’t yet set up any ads, That’s really good that you are having successes with your campaigns, you may be able to teach me a thing or two 🙂

      Speak soon and best of luck

      john lee recently posted…Busy Working but Still I Find Time For IM.My Profile

  3. john lee Post author

    Hey Rod,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    Wow, that is commitment, 5am – 7am, unfortunately I work 12 hour shifts and drive 1.5hrs into London, leaving me just enough time to eat and sleep! I do however get long breaks, so that is when I get online to get things done, having a ‘To Do’ list helps plan what I need to achieve for the day. Even if I can only work for one hour, that is one more than the person doing nothing for their online business!

    Best of luck

    john lee recently posted…Busy Working but Still I Find Time For IM.My Profile


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