Auto Tagging Your Posts

By | March 8, 2013

seo-tag-cloudI know how annoying tags and SEO keywords can get: and here’s a tip to you all on how I do it. First, I normally just tagged my posts a while back ago by just basing off my title keyword. But both you and me know the h1 tag is but 1 heavily emphasized part of your content. The way search engines and other crawlers look at your website is everything in plain view via your feed or .xml sitemap. So to better save time, I installed these 2 WordPress plugins:

– Auto SEO Tags
– Strictly Auto Tags

Now, I don’t even manually write down SEO Keywords, especially not tags, because SERP’s manually look at your content as it is anyway. But having a plugin do this stuff for you beats manually punching in a bunch of keywords into your tags I think. Sometimes you get ranked on really weird keywords, and you’d probably be amazed at some of the traffic you’d get off those types of keywords. Would appreciate your own feedback on this because this can definitely be a very time consuming matter and confusing.

Ive installed them both on my golf blog, neither needed any set up after installation, however, the ‘Strickly’ plugin needed a one click set up to post tags on all the posts that get curated (and the posts I forgot to put tags in).

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