Another 4 Figure Day With iPro

By | September 8, 2014

Hey folks,  Again I leave it too long between posts, however, I thought it was time to get on with some work.  I have been procrastinating for some time now to get something done and always found an excuse to ‘leave it until tomorrow’, as you all know tomorrow never comes and nor does my blog posts!  I guess I can be excused for one thing, I was on vacation, camping in Normandy in France for the 70 years celebration of ‘D Day’ there was sooo much to do and see, I have been several times before but this year there seemed to be much more.  Since I returned home I have been sorting out several traffic sources for the iPro Partner Program and I have also invested in some coaching with Igor Kheifets, so I haven’t been that lazy, just not working on my blog! 4figuredayI have had another four figure day yesterday which is always great to receive, things were getting a little slow as I have been spending time on Igor’s coaching.  One of the things that Dean Holland always tries to impact on people is the importance of consistency and focussing on one thing and one thing only until you are successful with that one thing.  Never a truer word spoken, like I said I have working on my coaching sessions with Igor so my iPro business has taken a nose dive and I have also been REALLY busy with my offline business.  So when I see a commission like that it’s always very pleasing!! Yes, I am probably taking on too much at the moment, however, If I manage my time correctly, I should be able to juggle the three.  My offline work is taking most of time away from internet marketing, working 12 hour shifts with a 1.5 hour drive at each end, doesn’t leave a lot of time for anything let alone internet marketing!  I will make this work as I no longer wish to be working those long hours!  I would still like to be earning $10k a month by the end of the year and if I’m going to be reaching goal I am going to have to work doubly hard which I am prepared to do.  Right now that seems to be a far away dream however, I will get there and if it isn’t in 2014 it will be in the first quarter of 2015.  Things do seem to be falling into place, slowly but surely, I also have some good people around me to help me reach that goal so I know I will get there!


I hope you are all reaching your goals, you are welcome to share them with me in the comments below!

Speak soon and all the best


2 thoughts on “Another 4 Figure Day With iPro

  1. Janis Searcey

    Thanks John for sharing your iPro experience with all of us and I know that I totally understand what you mean by trying to juggle all of your commitments.

    1. John Lee Post author

      Hi Janis,

      Thank you for leaving a comment, I really do appreciate it.

      Yes I’m still juggling, and one of the important things I left out of the equation was spending some time with the family, I need to split myself in four!!


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