3 Effective Ways to Decide Exactly What to Blog About

By | September 11, 2016

Successful BlogFinding an effective topic for your blog can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Typically, you would choose a specific topic in your niche (if you have one) as a way to build an online community. Businesses will often use their blog as an effective tool to promote their business. However you approach your blog, your posts should really be specific to a niche.
Now, while it is not requirement to be in a particular niche, it is best to focus your blog posts in a specific direction. It should be obvious that the purpose of your blog is easily understood and well defined by both you, and every visitor that lands on your site.
There are three specific tips you can use as effective ways to enhance your site. Those three specific tips include:

Be Helpful

Recognise that you will likely be able to attract and hold onto the attention of more readers if your content offers valuable information that visitors can use. Typically, successful blogs avoid daily family life and other fascinating personal information. That is not to suggest that you should not blend in interesting content about your family if your site offers moneymaking solutions. Ideally, any information that can help others generate a better income for themselves should be included, even if it includes the trip you had to a nice restaurant. You can be personal as people will relate to you more. They will see you more as a real person and not just someone who is ‘blogging for cash!’

Choose the right niche

I think it is important to choose a niche that you have close ties with, something that you really enjoy doing, maybe a hobby or a sport or just something you are passionate about. If your posts tend to be too general, there is no focus, likewise, when the topic of the post is too small, it will likely only be effective for just a small number of your visitors. Choose to post valuable content that is targeted specifically to the niche market that will be appealing to the largest portion of your targeted audience.

Give Yourself Breathing Room

Selecting the best topic is one that will likely give you breathing room. You will need to find a niche that allows you to update it more on a regular basis. In other words, never choose any niche topic that might be too narrow in scope. This could create a situation where you run out of fascinating content after just a few weeks or a couple of months of starting.
The simplest way of making sure you are not going to make this mistake is to brainstorm for any potential upcoming posts, or interesting subtopics that will bolster your niche topic. If you can come up with a long list of titles, you will most likely find that you will always have plenty to write about.

Typically, the most interesting blogging sites are those that are written by people who have a passion for their specific niche.

Follow your heart, so you can write about things that interest you and other like-minded people.

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    Hello John, My name is Jesse. ipro platinum partner. Yes, a newbie. Really need some assistance setting up my word press blog. I can put the time in. Just need guidance as not to waste time. I am married for 40 years, pastor a church in D.C., work and full time job, own a window washing company which I work part time. As you can see time is valuable. Not computer savvy. Therefore, it would take me a while to set up a blog.
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