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By | August 17, 2013

TrafficWhat we are talking about here in module two of The Quick Start Challenge is getting traffic to your blog that we have just created, there are essentially only two ways of sending traffic to your website and they are ‘free traffic‘ and ‘paid traffic‘ which I guess most of you already know that.  However when we talk about free traffic, there is a cost and it is a cost of your time, you have to spend time on your traffic generation tactics so you have to put some effort in to get results, and by no means will these methods give you instant results, because they wont, and nor do they happen without regular and consistent action!  The words of Dean Holland himself, so it looks like I have a lot of hard work ahead of me.

First Impressions Count is the title of the next video which implies that one of the key efforts for driving traffic to your blog is to further establish yourself online.  The more people that visit your site and read your posts the more you will establish a relationship with them, the more they get to know you the more they will like you and the more they will trust you which is very important.

So as you get to grow your visitors and readership and they become more responsive to your posts you should be able to get them on to your auto responder list, that I’m sure will be a post for another day.

Become established online and getting thousands of visitors to your blog every month takes a very long time but the results have lasting effects.

The first method that Dean talks about is what he calls ‘SigniTraffic’ this is where you join forums like the warrior forum and have a signature at the end of your comment so whenever you post something on the forum a link will appear going back to your blog or website so the more you post the more links there will be for people to visit your site, now the idea is not to spam the forums because will probably lead to you getting banned and having a negative effect on your business that you are trying to grow, however, if you comment on post and give good value, the more likely that you will get some who likes what you say and therefore click on your link back to your site.  As a side note: you cannot place any affiliate links in your signature as this is usually against the forum rules!

The key here is to do this consistently on a daily basis to get good success from this method, so it would be a good idea for this task to be on the weekly planner as an every day task.  This is not going to give instant success but if action is taken consistently, it will work very well if you keep active in the forums.

The second free traffic method that Dean wants us to implement is called ‘Blog Hopping’, now the main part of this, Dean has built up a ‘blog roll’ of his members blogs, so initially you have to be a part of the program for this to work, however, having said that, there is no reason you can not implement this of other relevant blogs.

How you blog hop is basically heading over to the other members blog (or relevant blog if you are not following the program) and comment on their posts, because to comment, you have to enter you name, email, and your URL, the URL being the web address back to your own blog, this when posted, make your ‘name’ become an anchor link back to your site, so when new visitors read the comments of the posts on other members site, they can click on your name and be taken to your own site, and 2. Google will see backlinks from other sites.  In turn, if someone comments on your blog, go visit theirs and leave a comment for them too.

Again like the forum posts, make your comments relevant and give value, not just short pointless babble. When visitors leave comments on your posts, you should always reply back to the comment to show the visitors that you have an active blog and creates a buzz.

Now, most people have a Facebook and Twitter account and although Social Media is not one of the methods being talked about on how to get traffic to your sites but it was quickly mentioned that though the are a lot of ways to use social platforms to drive traffic, one of the best ways is to mention the blog post you have just written on your site and post it on your Facebook and Twitter timelines or walls, that way your friends and friends of friends get to visit and maybe share or re-tweet your posts.

Another thing mentioned and again will probably be for another post, was tracking your traffic, this means signing up for Google Analytics and entering a piece of code to your website so you can track the data to see where your traffic is coming from, this is very important as you will also find out how many visitors you are getting, what pages they are landing on, how long they stay on your site, etc.  The 80/20 rule suggests you get 80% of your results through 20% of your hard work, so you will know where to focus your energy on.

Now for my Module Two Challenge which is two tasks, 1. Install Google Analytics, which I have already done, and 2. Implement the two methods for creating free traffic, that I will be doing from now on.

Massive Action = Massive Results

I hope you enjoyed this post, either way, please leave a comment below 🙂

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