BCB The Big Commission Blueprint and iPro Partner Program

By | March 19, 2014

How I Found Success With The iPro Partner Program

BCB iPro Partner ProgramHi there guys, sorry I haven’t posted in while, my bad, I’ve no excuses other than spending my time on other projects.  The reason for this post is because I have received a few messages lately, mainly from Facebook, about how I’ve been progressing with The Big Commission Blueprint and the iPro Partner Program.

Well, it’s all good news I’m glad to say, I have been making a regular income from them with commissions from $4.46 right up to $2500 per sale!  Yes, I have been getting regular $1000 days and all I am doing for that is running a few solo ads a month and some sales have even come from this blog that I don’t update as much as I should!  I do love it when I check my partner account and I see a nice commission sitting there.

I have probably told you this or you may have heard me talk about it on my testimonial video for Dean Holland’s program, however, in case you haven’t, I have been working on creating an online business for the past 2.5 years, in the first 2 years I have made very little money.  It has only been in the last six months since working with Dean that I actually have a monthly income worth talking about!  When I say ‘working with Dean’ what I mean is that he has become my mentor as part of the iPro program so I follow exactly as he teaches me.

I know I should ‘practice what I preach’ and by that I mean you should only focus on one thing at a time so you don’t become either bogged down or suffer from information overload, however, although I have other projects open at the moment, I am going to go through the training materials again from iPro and start implementing some other traffic methods to see if I can increase my iPro income to reach my goals quicker, I really want to be earning around $10k per month by the end of the year, once I’ve achieved that I can kick my ‘real job’ in to touch, I spend so much of my time working and travelling to and from my day job its a wonder I actually have time to work online, but that is also one of my goals, to consistently replace my income from my day job with what I earn online.

I have also been messing with Bing Ads too, now I do not know much about Bing Ads but I thought if it is anything like Google Ads, I didn’t want to waste my money on clicks so started to play it cautiously, going in with very cheap bids on my keywords.  I found it quite easy to set up and when I got my first ad up and running directly to a squeeze page, I got 2 sales from 12 optins, nice! and that was just for starters, I am still testing some ads and keywords so I will update you all with my results soon.

I also have some exciting news regarding seminars,  Dean Holland is holding a 2 day seminar very soon which I hope to attend, the dates and venue are just about to be confirmed so I will keep you posted on that, keep checking back as I will be posting all the details here as I get them, all I do know is that it will probably be held in Manchester.  It will be the first seminar that I will have attended so really looking forward to meeting Dean and the other iPro partners.


For anyone wanting more info on the BCB and iPro Partner Program, CLICK ON THE BANNER BELOW! 🙂

4 thoughts on “BCB The Big Commission Blueprint and iPro Partner Program

  1. Glenn Shepherd

    Hi John,

    Congrats on all the success you’re having as an iPro Partner! Looks like you’re really gathering momentum, which is awesome to hear.

    I’ll be interested in hearing about your further testing with Bing ads. I actually heard someone else mention Bing ads recently and they talked about how they’re kind of the ‘forgotten’ player in the online ads space and that they can work really, really well.

    It will be awesome to see you in Manchester, John. For a long time I’ve heard it said that events are the places to go but actually experiencing it for myself last weekend really drove this home. I made some valuable connections and cemented others whom I’d only previously connected with online. Honestly, anyone who hasn’t been to one yet absolutely HAS to do it!

    Keep on progressing, John. I’m sure it won’t be long now until you can give up that day job! 😉

    Glenn Shepherd recently posted…23 Useful Internet Marketing ToolsMy Profile

    1. John Lee Post author

      Hi Glenn,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I appreciate it. I am enjoying iPro right now, it’s something that is definitely working for me.

      As for bing Ads, I’ve found them really easy to work with and I am seeing optins and sales, I’m just taking it easy at the moment as I adding some new keywords and deleting the ones that aren’t working, what I like about Bing is that you don’t have to wait for the ad to be approved each time.

      Yes, I’m looking forward to Manchester and it would be great to actually meet you in person too, I missed out on the last event due to work commitments so hopefully all being well we will all meet up for a good weekend of networking and cool content.

      Thanks again Glenn.

      Best regards

      John Lee recently posted…BCB The Big Commission Blueprint and iPro Partner ProgramMy Profile

  2. Vivian

    Hi. John. I found IPO Partner from an email someone sent me. Is this program still opened? Any idea how I can get in? Does he still have that 30 day money back guarantee? Does it still costs $20? So glad for you. CONGRATS!
    Vivian recently posted…FREE 3D Book Cover GeneratorMy Profile

    1. John Lee Post author

      Hi Vivian,

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

      The iPro Partner & Coaching program is still open, however, the only way to ‘get in’ is through the Big Commission Blueprint product ($20) That will take you through all the steps required in building an online business, it is worth its weight in gold, if at the end of the course you would like to take it further, there is an application form that you can fill out that will help you and Dean see if you are a good fit for the program. Hope that helps.

      All the best of success!



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